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What is HVM?
HVM stands for High Value Manufacturing.
If you choose a career in HVM, you could become
a tester of aircraft components, work with
robotics or even design components for oil rigs.

There are three pathways you can take
and each can lead to a successful career earning up to £35,000!
Which route will you take? Get your career wheel here
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The app is free to download on Google play and the App Store. You can download and print your trigger image below.

Here you can manufacture your custom Quad Copter. Using your engineering knowledge you need to explore and find the right combination of speed, pitch, and handling to develop your own unique Quad Copter. The higher the level the harder the handling... Are you up to the challenge?

Put your skills to the test by engineering the Quad Copter to suit
the situation. Use the High Value Manufacturing hints and tips found
throughout the application to help you beat the challenge in record

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Available on the App Store.

Android App on Google Play.

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